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Wright Brothers wall mural celebrates 115 years since the first ever flight

‚ÄčCelebrating the 115 year anniversary of the revolutionary first plane craft flight by the Wright Brothers on 17th December 1903, this wall mural is inspired by vintage aviation posters and features the famed 'Wright Flyer'.

MuralsWallpaper celebrate the day in USA history that marked the first successful aircraft flight the world had seen with an illustrated mural design depicting the most iconic plane of the pioneering era in flight, soaring atop a lush wodland landscape.

The mural blends vintage design and modern aesthetics, taking inspiration from aviation posters of the early Twentieth century and using a palette of tonal colours to create some graphic, gradient scenery.

The design has been specially created to pay homage to what can be considered the most monumental moment in aviation history. As the first 'heavier-than-air' plane to achieve controlled flight, the classic Wright Flyer propelled the pioneering of modern aviation up and onwards.

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Anna Fell
Anna Fell PR Executive, MuralsWallpaper
Anna Fell
Anna Fell PR Executive, MuralsWallpaper
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