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Wall murals designed to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus

2019 marks the centenary of the Bauhaus art school, established in 1919. To celebrate, Hovia has designed a signature new collection that references classic Bauhaus shapes and colours, scaled up as murals in a modern interpretation of the movement.

These statement surface designs by Hovia incorporate flat concrete textures inspired by Bauhaus architecture, and transform Bauhaus' iconic primary colour palette to tones that make them more accessible and ideal for modern home decoration.

The overlaying of colours and shapes that make up the murals are inspired by the colour theory work of Bauhaus' Josef Albers and by László Moholy-Nagy, a professor at the art school who explored perspective in his paintings.

Featuring layered architectural shapes and shifting directions, the murals use minimal lines to present a contrast of sharp angles and soft, curved shapes. The simplicity of the geometric forms and colours come together to make a bold impact.

Bauhaus for the home, in a big way

These wall mural designs capture the dynamic, asymmetric forms of original Bauhaus exhibition posters, on a scale that is simply not possible using traditional on-the-roll wallpaper. 

From dedicated design enthusiasts to all who unknowingly experience the great influence of Bauhaus in the designs they see everyday, everyone can celebrate Bauhaus in a big way at home with these six murals - Neues Sehen (new vision), Perspektive (perspective), Kreis (circle), Bilden (form), Dreieck (triangle) and Dessau (German city home to one of the three Bauhaus schools).

The vision of Bauhaus paved the way for graphic design and the modern age. 100 years on, its incredible influence can be seen all around and continues to be explored in interior design.

Stylist picks

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Anna Fell PR Executive, Hovia
Anna Fell PR Executive, Hovia
About Hovia

Hovia design, print and deliver wallpapers for residential and commercial projects the world over. All paper is sustainably sourced and printed on using toner that is water based and 100% environmentally friendly. The digitally designed murals and wallpapers are made to measure and unique to each and every customer, which means no two orders are the same.

Hovia is part of Milexa Group, a UK based custom surface design company with innovation at its heart, passionate about bringing beautiful digital design to walls and floors.

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