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The 'Sunny Sentiments' Collection seeks to spark more joy in homes

The 'Sunny Sentiments' Collection seeks to spark more joy in homes

The purpose of the new self-love inspired mural collection is to boldly promote positivity through interior decor.

A home is a haven of positive feelings when it's filled with cheerful, personal design choices. The new 'Sunny Sentiments' collection of typography designs by MuralsWallpaper have been designed to soothe, inspire and spread joy, letting home decor show a little more love.

Collection designer Lauren Kavanagh says:

"These murals are not about provoking productivity and pushing yourself to work harder like motivational posters often do - instead, they gently encourage positivity, self-love and personal growth at your own pace."

What has your decor done for you lately?

With this collection, the MuralsWallpaper design team promote the idea of a blank wall being an opportunity for charming and optimistic design with huge, heartfelt quotes that are short yet impactful.

Generations continue to be more conscious of self-care, self-love and self-acceptance, and these quick to the point slogans serve as a reminder of personal goals and mantras in the comfort of home.

Every room holds the potential for nourishing happiness by simply existing in it, and sometimes it only takes a few uplifting words of wisdom or charismatic colours to change or boost a mood.

Stylist for the collection, Antoni Ferguson, offers a key tip:

"Surround yourself with decor that makes you smile by pairing the 'Sunny Sentiments' murals with bright pops of colour, art pieces you love, comforting cushions and playful, meaningful items."

Et voilà - warm and sunny feelings all around!

Product details

The collection is now available at MuralsWallpaper from £37 /m2:

Email [email protected] with requests or questions and Anna will be happy to help.

Download high resolution images Sunny Sentiments - MuralsWallpaper - Hi Res - 19 MB Download lower resolution images Sunny Sentiments - MuralsWallpaper - Web - 6 MB
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