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OMG! Puppy Wallpaper You Can Colour In!

Puppy Themed Colour In Wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper

Yes, you read correctly; there's now puppy-themed wallpaper that you can colour in yourself. What better way to celebrate your love of dogs and release your inner child? Great for big kids and little ones alike. It has our woof of approval!

Break The Rules

With the activity of colouring considered an alternative to meditation, what better way to escape and de-stress than with a colouring wall in your own home? 

Pick your own palette, express yourself and become an artist in your own home. Keep the kids occupied, or even ask guests to colour their own part in and sign it like a guestbook. By creating art together, it's possible to make your spaces even more unique and personal to you. 

These wallpaper designs make it easier than ever to create a creative space for kids and grown ups alike, allowing for optimum customisation and style, too. Plus, if you choose to have the design printed on self-adhesive paper, when your done you can simply remove the non-permanent wallpaper and reveal your clean walls underneath! 


Product Details 

Wallpapers are available at: 
All prints are custom-sized, made-to-order and priced at £23.50 ($35) per square metre with international shipping available.

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Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore Mura Innovations
Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore Mura Innovations
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Hovia design, print and deliver wallpapers for residential and commercial projects the world over. All paper is sustainably sourced and printed on using toner that is water based and 100% environmentally friendly. The digitally designed murals and wallpapers are made to measure and unique to each and every customer, which means no two orders are the same.

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