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How should Monica style her 'Friends' apartment in 2021? Hovia has a few ideas

Hovia welcomes the long-awaited Friends reunion episode with a new wallpaper design & styling ideas for a subtle nod to the iconic sitcom.

The Friends: The Reunion episode is finally here! And so many fans around the world today will be reliving the laughs, relationships, and 90s stylings of the beloved TV show.

To celebrate this historic pop culture occasion, wallpaper brand Hovia has created a new mural design and named it 'Monica'.

Apartment living space with the purple 'Monica' mural
Apartment living space with the purple 'Monica' mural

The mural is a quirky wooden panel design in a bold purple tone, made to mimic the memorable walls of Monica's apartment (even if Joey does ask in the finale episode, "has it always been purple?")

Hovia stylist Antoni talks about how Monica might refresh her New York pad if she wanted to take it from the 1990s into the 2020s:

The kitchen and seating area are the most iconic spaces in Monica's apartment, and I love the eclectic nature of her styling. In the living space, we've swapped her glass side table for a modern gold alternative, and reflected her playful sense of taste in the rich colours of the velvet, maximalist furniture. And of course, the purple walls had to stay!
Apartment kitchen with brick wallpaper 'Lambeth'
Apartment kitchen with brick wallpaper 'Lambeth'
We've recreated the kitchen area with the same blue cabinet fronts and exposed brick wall. This time, the backdrop is a brick-effect wallpaper for added versatility. And, contrast to the living area, this room has a clean Scandinavian look that's super popular this decade.

The show's set designer, John Shaffner, knew just how important the purple wall colour was to the identity of Friends, so it's no wonder the apartment has been kept intact for the special reunion episode. ‚Äč

And who knows? After today, maybe we'll see Friends fans and beyond taking tips from Monica's decor to incorporate into their own modern interiors this year.

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