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Controversial Ceilings? - The Potential Of The Fifth Wall

With saves for 'statement ceilings' up +310% on Pinterest leading the platform to declare ceiling wallpaper one of their top 10 interior design trends for 2018, Murals Wallpaper bring their surface design expertise to the table to demonstrate how to maximise the potential of your 'fifth wall' with core interior trends, and discuss: are ceilings a smart place to display design?

Ceiling art isn't exactly a new concept, but the space certainly hasn't before been recognised as a rewarding place in the home to feature the sorts of colours, patterns and textures that we do on our walls.

In response to the emerging trend, custom surface design company Murals Wallpaper has curated a selection of murals that demonstrate the best of subtle and stand-out design styles to incorporate into a transformative ceiling project.

Ceiling Is Believing

Part of the renowned Pinterest 100 trend report, ceilings are now being called the Fifth Wall: 'A statement ceiling can transform a room from the top down with bold paint, striking wallpaper or intricate texture.'

Ceiling design seems to have spiked people's interest, with Google searches for statement ceilings going up 2,300% since it was announced as a trend to watch.

But would you wallpaper your ceiling? It's too early to tell whether this exciting trend will truly catch on and see decorative ceilings becoming commonplace in households, and it's possible the idea will divide opinion. Are ceilings the new place to display key design elements in interiors, or are our room's summit spaces to remain varying shades of white?

Pinterest enthusiast Hannah Madsen is the social media director at Murals Wallpaper, and gives her take:

'At Murals Wallpaper we look to innovate with murals that turn a room into a work of art, and in our eyes the ceiling can be counted as an overlooked blank canvas in the home that is waiting for a chance to shine.

Our friends at UK Pinterest HQ believe so, too, which is why murals and statement ceilings are perfect complements of each other in this year's interiors trend report.

You may surprise yourself if you choose to welcome a fifth wall into your decorating plans, when you embrace it as a new space for you to express yourself.'

Sky's The Limit

Murals Wallpaper designers have played with different pattern and texture wallpaper ideas to come up with a selection of designs that have an inspiring impact on a space when placed on the ceiling.

This ceiling design collection, featuring three new products, also ensures the incorporation of some of the most popular game-changing design trends, such as botanical prints, hand-made watercolours, marbling and bold maximalism.

These are some key styles to try if you want to go for a real room transformation, and you can pick your dream design strategically depending on whether you want to create a cosy feeling with a dense, warm mural or open up a space with a light, airy look.

If you're ready and willing to accept this possible interiors revolution, don't be afraid to be braver with your decorating and discover the new dimension of space above you that we've all be ignoring. If you believe in potential your ceiling space, don't set limitations on the look of your home. Before you know it, your room will be ceiling the show.

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