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A man was mean to us. We wallpapered his head. He invited us to his party.

As a young and vibrant wallpaper company we work hard to stay on trend and relevant. A man called Martin decided that we just weren't trendy enough and began trolling us. There was only one thing we could do...

Martin Wendelbo is an interiors blogger who niches in all things wallpaper. From news, reviews and inspiration he shares the latest happenings with his audience. We shared several of our wallpaper releases with him but he wasn't too impressed. 

He said that we emailed him too often. He also thought our Olympics murals were predictable, thought our emoji wallpaper was dated and he called our spring floral collection both vulgar and monstrous (that one hurt our feelings).

Our mum told us that if we're being picked on then we should respond with overwhelming love; 'kill them with kindness', one might say. So (in order to play to his ego) we made a massive wallpaper of Martin's head. And this wasn't no concept piece; you can actually buy it and actually put it up in your house.

Our Email to Martin

We emailed Martin the following (and then waited with baited breath);

"Hi Martin,

It’s been a whole 11 days since we last sent you a wallpaper release and we were worried that your inbox might be feeling a bit lonely. We read your latest blog which cleverly unpicks our ‘everything can be a wallpaper’ strategy and immediately realised our fool-proof tactics had been exposed.

“Yikes!” we thought, ‘we’ve been sussed out - do something to stop him from telling everyone else.”

So we thought we would wow you with a very special print. We’re big fans of your blog and are always happy to be included but we get the sense that you’re not much of a fan of our designs.

You thought our Olympics murals were predictable, thought our emoji wallpaper was dated and you called our spring floral collection both vulgar and monstrous (that one hurt our feelings).

In an attempt to become your BFF we thought we would design something that you couldn’t possibly dislike. We would like to introduce you to our Giant Martin mural. It’s been inspired by our favourite wallpaper blogger and all of the lovely blogging that he does.

The fine balance of earthy tones and a rich blue hues make this an ideal print for a calming ambience. We suggest the hallway as an optimum spot for the mural; Giant Martin will never fail to welcome you home after a long day at work.

Giant Martin is available to purchase at £25 per square metre with international shipping available:

We would love to hear what you think of our latest print, Martin and we do hope that you love it as much as we love you.

Kind Regards from your new best friends,
James & the Murals Wallpaper team."

Martin's Response

Fortunately for us, Martin didn't think we were weird for making a big wallpaper of his head. Instead he said it was the funniest thing he had ever received, and invited us to a party he's having in Sweden.

Well. Worked out alright didn't it?

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James Mellan PR Executive, Murals Wallpaper
James Mellan PR Executive, Murals Wallpaper
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