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150 years of the Periodic Table proves the science behind design

150 years of the Periodic Table proves the science behind design

MuralsWallpaper mark this special scientific anniversary with wall designs perfect for aspiring professors

To mark the closing ceremony of the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Elements earlier in the year, MuralsWallpaper has created large-scale mural interpretations of the iconic scientific tool, fit for the modern home.

Originally designed by Russian chemist Dimitri Mendeleev in 1869, the table has stood the test of time in labs and classrooms with memorable colours and symbols, helping budding scientists to revise and remember the elements and their properties. The MuralsWallpaper designers have taken the recognisable format but applied current typography and colour trends, ensuring the murals are both informative and easy to style with home office and bedroom furniture.

Reaction Blue
Reaction Blue

Great as a revision tool, but also as an inspiring feature wall, this collection is the next instalment by MuralsWallpaper that brings together style and study, as well as bringing refreshing diversity to the children's and teenager wallpaper market.

Reaction Pink
Reaction Pink

Product Details

This fun and educational collection of murals include Reaction in Pink, Blue and Rainbow colour-ways and a monochrome option called Energy.

UK: from £37.00 per square metre:

US: from $4.40 per square foot:

Europe: from €38 per square metre:

Canada: from $53 per square metre:

Australia: from $70 per square metre:

New Zealand: from $75 per square metre:

Email [email protected] with requests or questions and Hannah will be happy to help.

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